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Bipolar Disorders



Bipolar disorder is a type of mood disorder. Both bipolar disorder and depression come under the category of mood disorder.

Depression is an unipolar mood disorder, whereas bipolar disorder is “bi-pole”. The “bi-pole” refers to the episode of elated mood and low mood. During the episode of elated mood, the patients would experience symptoms such as below:

  1. Reduced need for sleep. Feels energetic despite lack of sleep.
  2. Inflated self esteem, feels the capability to perform anything at all. Hence, involve in high risk investment and risky behavior.
  3. Spending spree.
  4. Easily irritable, get agitated for trivial matters.
  5. Delusion may be present, e.g. believe of possessing superpower, messenger of God, owns plenty of money etc.

During the period of low mood, the presentation is similar to patients with depression.

Bipolar disorder is more difficult to manage if compared to depression. Hence, a psychiatrist’s involvement is essential in planning the treatment.