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Introvert and Extrovert


CARL JUNG stated the difference between INTROVERT and EXTROVERT before. Most of the people think if a man is good at social interaction, active is extrovert and opposite of it is introvert. Actually introvert and extrovert could not depend on other people’s feeling on the man. The most important is the thought of the man on himself. The exact definition of introvert is a man himself more interested in his own thoughts system than outside world activities. According to this definition, if a man is good at social skills, but if he himself feels inwardly in an excavation and is more meaningful than the outside world, then he is still an introverted person.

Extroverted person will be keen on the outside world, he will want to know a lot more knowledge about the world, he would like to travel, new things and so on. Although introverted person can like these but he will still biased in the inner world. Because of this, it is hard to define a man extroverted or introverted, easier way is to ask the person himself directly. Introverted person would be more understanding of their own, so they are more mature. But there are also exceptions.